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TRAINING: 5 Things I learned from Loren Seagrave

Apart from yet another phenomenal coach with a very very well constructed moustache, Loren Seagrave needs no real formal introduction. However, if you have been living under a rock all of your life, or typed “Lauren” instead of “Loren” in google search, I will help you out. Loren is a world renowned speed coach. He […]

INSIGHT: Mitchel Cooper from spectator to participant

Just under 10 years ago, Mitchell Cooper and his father Garth won a competition to watch Benn Harradine throw the discus in his first Olympics in Beijing. Now they stand together, side by side, wearing the green and gold in London 2017 at the World Athletics Championships.  The boy from Burpengary. At just 22, Mitchel […]

INSIGHT: Throws Talk with Benn Harradine

On a recent training camp in the United States, our co-founder Benn Harradine participated in a candid interview with Shaun Pickering. Shaun Pickering is a former Olympic Athlete, Coach and Commentator with a rich history in the sport and extensive contact list. He has a great love of the sport and a desire to promote […]

SHARE: Sport and the Spirit. A reflection

  The topic of life after elite sport is currently on the lips and in the eyes of the general public in Australia and the better part the world for good reasons. For once people are able to see the side of sport that nobody really brings to life. The darker side of the beast […]

FEATURE: “Why I still care about athletics”

This article has been written by a sports journalist with over 20 years of experience. Harradine Performance asked if it might be possible to write an article reviewing athletics in 2016 from a personal perspective. From all of us here at Harradine Performance, we wish you a successful 2017. Train smart, as always.   Why […]

THINK: Many will want you, but few will invest.

The commercial world of sport is growing exponentially. For the greater good or the greater bad? Of course a debate of opinion. It is however, a common misconception that athletes are making tens of thousands of dollars, euros or pounds from their craft but in actual fact the numbers are far far less. There are […]

INSIGHT: Henry Frayne on his climb back to Rio

Henry Frayne needs no introduction. He jumps. Long and Triple. Sure he may have been M.I.A for a few years with injury but that doesn’t mean he could or should ever be ruled out. Perhaps one his strongest assets is his mental resilience. His loyalty to his coach Gary Bourne and his relaxed yet intense […]

PERFORM: Jennie Johansson proves anything can happen.

When I write the name Jennie Johansson one of the first things that comes to mind is “Belief” Quietly working away toward achieving her own individual goals, Jennie doesn’t waste too much time thinking too far ahead. She tackles every session with the attitude that all she has to give is her very best in […]

INSIGHT: Morgan Mitchell

It’s safe to say that Morgan Mitchell has had a bumper year so far in 2016. Undefeated in the Australian Season, Morgan posted a swag of Olympic Qualifying times it what seemed to be a sensation lift in her performance platform. Having already represented Australia internationally, Morgan is set to continue her form into Rio. […]