INSIGHT: Morgan Mitchell

It’s safe to say that Morgan Mitchell has had a bumper year so far in 2016.

Undefeated in the Australian Season, Morgan posted a swag of Olympic Qualifying times it what seemed to be a sensation lift in her performance platform.

Having already represented Australia internationally, Morgan is set to continue her form into Rio.

HP sat down with Morgan to find out a little more about her. What she can attribute to her lift in performance and what she hopes to achieve this year.


Ladies and Gentleman, meet Morgan Mitchell.

How do you measure your development? Is it purely results based or are there other factors you consider too?

Yeah I guess it is mainly results based. We usually measure how I am going in the gym, on the track and in the sports science room. I make sure I am on top of my eating, skin folds, speed, strength work etc. I also have a training diary where I write down my training/work for the week, energy levels and hours of sleep then give it to my coach each month so he can look over what went well and what didn’t.


What advice would you give yourself 5 years ago and what advice will you give yourself 5 years from now? It doesn’t have to be specific, just any wisdom you can think of?

I would probably just tell myself to keep doing what I’m doing at my own pace… Oh and to never second guess a tattoo I want just because Mum hates them (haha). I have 12 at the moment, I’m always thinking of new designs and pieces to get. They’re addictive. I’m due for something new post nationals 


tattoos anyone?

tattoos anyone?

What state of mind do you perform best in?

When I block out all the noise. I guess it’s best to try and stay focused and calm when it really counts because there have been certain situations off the track that haven’t gone my way and have really thrown me off but it’s all good practice because anything can happen before an event. No matter how I’m feeling I just try and put all of my energy into the track when it matters.

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Number one training tool?

My adidas adizero socks. People think it’s strange that I love them so much but that’s probably the staple item in my bag. That and my adidas takumi sen’s. I prefer training in racing flats over spikes.


Favourite book?

I hope the bookworms don’t judge. I’ve only recently started reading a lot again. Every time I start a book I feel the need to read like 8 more at the same time. Sticking to only one book until it’s finished really bores me out. I love to have options when I can’t be bothered reading one. At the moment my favourites are:

The Donor- Frank M. Robinson 

Way Of The Peaceful Warrior- Dan Millman

Manson- Jeff Guinn

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 2.33.52 PM


Best piece of wisdom you have learnt so far from a coach/mentor and how you apply it?

Best advice was from my old coach, Peter Burke, which was whatever I do in life, make sure I am enjoying it and only doing it because I want to, and not for anyone else.


Who is the first person that comes to your mind when you hear the word “successful”

There are a few, but one that stands out is Michael Jordan. Cliche I know. He is the greatest basketballer of all time and now is a household name in the fashion/sneaker industry and owns an NBA team. Even after retiring people everywhere know who he is and what he’s about. 


What are 3 lessons you would teach a class of 14 year olds?

1.) Be a kid for as long as you can. 

2.) Always be happy with every situation you are put in, there’s always someone out there who has it worse.

3.) Quit bullying one another, it’s lame.

They probably wouldn’t listen to me though.


What does your morning routine look like?

Pretty low key. I am like sloth-lady in the morning, my routine takes me forever! Here it is: I wake up, have my green smoothie and two pieces of toast with banana, strawberry, peanut butter and maple syrup and maybe shop online for a little while… It usually takes me an hour and a bit just to do that, and I haven’t even showered yet. But if it’s a Monday morning, I make sure I’m catching up on Real Housewives of Melbourne. Judge me all you want, I’m so addicted.

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Lastly, what were the last 3 songs you listened to on your playlist?

The last three I listened to were in the gym. My music choice is all over the joint, it goes from heavy metal to classical to heavy rap. I really love all kinds of music but when it comes to the whole “pump up” type stuff those three genre’s are my go-to’s.

Parkway Drive- Wild Eyes

Yiruma- River Flows In You

Run the Jewels- Blockbuster Night Part 1

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 2.02.05 PM


HP would like to thank Morgan for her time. We wish her all the best along her journey and hope that her insight may inspire others to dream big.