ENABLE: Preventing Injuries with Don Williams

Preventing Injuries By Don williams   Injuries among the general population are relatively common. In consideration of back pain alone, around 80% of society will suffer back pain at some point in their lives. If we look at the entire body, I would wager that no-one goes through their life without an injury of some […]

THINK: To Rub or Not to Rub? with Brendan Cole

  Brendan Cole is one of Australia’s greatest 400m Hurdlers. A 2012 Olympian, “BJ” as he is known to many is a person who prides himself on his ability to problem solve. To compliment his career in elite sport, BJ has a keen understanding of the intricacies of movement with his Performance Therapy and Soft […]

SHARE: Shannon Rollason feature: Talk to Coaches.

Talk to Coaches! When I first met Shannon Rollason in 2011 I have to admit I pigeon-holed him as a typical authoritarian swim coach. He wouldn’t allow me to come onto pool deck while he was coaching to watch him work or ask him any questions at the time. I had heard so many great […]

SPOTLIGHT: 2/5 Medical communication for effective recovery.

Communication and Athlete management By Don Williams Institute of Sports and Spines, Carina, Brisbane. B.Sc., M.Chiro., ICSSD., PG Dip. NMS Rehabilitation Cert DNS. Memb: FICS, CEA   Reaching peak performance in the sporting arena can be long and hard road. Staying at the peak can be even harder. When all the aspects of an athlete’s […]

SPOTLIGHT: Mobility in Discus Throwers part 1 of 5

Understanding the capabilities of athletes is not always something we see on the surface. Limitations in mechanics and technique can require us as coaches and service providers to take a closer look at the physiology of our athletes. As we discover more about what we are working with, the strengths and weaknesses of each individual, […]

WISDOM: Let the kids develop

Just last year I visited a state little athletics competition in Sydney, Australia. There were kids everywhere. The sport at grass roots level is thriving. The grandstand full of parents, grandparents, friends and family. It was a great snapshot of athletics as it should be. Fun! I wandered over to stand behind the cage with […]

RECOVERY: The best recovery method is FREE!

  In my early 20’s I thought I was bulletproof. I had (and still have) a great work ethic. Ate well, but also ate some junk, went to bed late and got up early and still trained the house down. Nothing could stop me. My coaches at the time saw the effort that I put […]

TRAINING TALK: with Chris Gaviglio

5 Tips for the Holiday Season.

A Good Coach Knows.

Benn Harradine, HP’s Founder/Facilitator published a Blog for HMMR Media discussing some interesting points that come with great coaching. Here is the article: Being an athlete is not normal. The lifestyle is not normal. The workload is not normal. The stress is also not normal. From the outside looking in things seem so glamorous. Oh how […]